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Psychosomatic medicine

The psychosomatic approach is a key element of my practice as a doctor, and I incorporate it into all areas of treatment.

Psychosomatic medicine is understood as an approach to health and illness that sees the person as a physical, mental and emotional entity and/or as a psychosocial entity.

A biopsychosocial model of illness is the foundation for psychosomatic medicine. This means that psychosomatic practitioners treating physical disorders take mental, emotional and social factors into account in their understanding of disease development and healing.

In addition, illness and health are not seen as two separate states; rather, psychosomatic medicine looks at the strong dynamic interplay between the two.

Psychosomatic medicine is therefore a medical-psychological theory of illness that attributes a strong role to emotional processes and psychosocial influences in the origins and healing of physical suffering and, conversely, takes into account the fact that physical illness can lead to emotional and social problems and/or mental illness.