• I take the time you need

  • I combine conventional medicine
    and naturopathy

  • I make your health my concern

Private medical practice
Dr Sylvia Grotjohann-Ernst

The health of your body, mind and soul is at the core of my practice for holistic general medicine, psychosomatic and naturopathic medicine. You and I will take the time together that we need to perform meaningful, thorough and appropriate conventional medical and complementary medical diagnostics and therapy.

„It is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians separate the soul from the body; and that is why the cure of many diseases is unknown to the physicians, as they are ignorant of the whole, which ought to be studied also; for the part can never be well unless the whole is well.“ – Plato


We use a combination of holistic general medicine, naturopathy and psychotherapeutic methods.
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General medicine

We provide the full spectrum of general primary medical care for adults and children.
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Psychosomatic medicine

The psychosomatic approach is a key element of my practice as a doctor, and I incorporate it into all areas of treatment.
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Naturopathic medicine

„The physician is the one who knows the invisible, which has no name and no matter, yet has its effect“ – Paracelsus
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Trauma therapy

Multimodal transgenerational somatic trauma therapy (M.T.K.T.©)
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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, a new syndrome has emerged: post-COVID syndrome, or long COVID, which is often very similar to chronic fatigue syndrome and can mimic many of its symptoms.
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Information for summer holidays:

Between 01. and 12. July the surgery will be closed.
Dr. Fassbender’s practise will stand-in in case of emergencies.
The opening times are to be found here:

Between 15. and 26. July our reception will be open.

On 29.July Dr. Grotjohann-Ernst will be back at work at the usual opening times.

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